Wednesday, 18 December 2013

TSPD Highlights of 2013

We are all looking forward to the TSPD Christmas performance and party this weekend, but it has got us reminiscing over the last year.... which has been SO MUCH FUN! 

We have loads more exciting things lined up and we can only see TSPD going from strength to strength.

 If you read the December Newsletter, then we are asking you guys to let us know what you would like from TSPD in the future like equipment, classes, you name it. We would really appreciate your input so we can make TSPD the best it can be and cater for everyone! 

Here's just a snippet of all the fun we have had over 2013... and if you are going to any part of the TSPD Christmas party we would love to see your pics to put up on our page / blog. 

Lots of Love! 






Monday, 9 December 2013


This weekend, Amirah was out performing with Sensation Entertainment...

 and we just HAD to show you how awesome she was! 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why not give it a try!

Want to start pole but you are the one holding you back

Here's a few FAQ's to try and put your mind at ease. 

I want to start pole dancing, but I am very nervous!

It is normal to be apprehensive about trying any new activity. Our classes are not competitive and we encourage everyone to work to their own ability.

 Pole dancing will naturally increase your own self confidence as you exceed your own personal expectations. 

Some people decide to start with private lessons before starting mixed ability groups but this is not essential.

Do I need to be fit to start pole dancing?

Our pole dancing classes cater for all abilities so you do not need to have a minimum level of fitness to start. If you have any existing medical conditions or injuries you may wish to consult your GP for advice.

If you have recently had an accident, pregnancy or operation then you may need to seek medical advice before commencing our pole dance classes.

Do I have to wear shorts for pole dancing?
NO!! You can wear leggings or jog pants on the beginners courses, however as you progress it is advised you wear shorts. If you choose not to you may miss out on some of the moves you need leg grip for.

Why is pole dancing a good fitness activity?

Pole dancing can burn up to 300 calories per hour session.

Pole dancing involves both aerobic and anaerobic activity so you get a great workout.

Pole dancing is an all over body workout, it is a myth that it just works the upper body!

Pole dancing will not only improve your physical health but will boost your self confidence too.

Pole dancing is great fun and no doubt you will have many laughs during your workout.

Pole dancing will improve your posture and co-ordination.

Pole dancing will improve your flexibility and balance.

What are you waiting for?

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Monday, 2 December 2013

TSPD ....out performing - New Dimensions Launch.

The wonderful TSPD ladies doing what they do best.... 


at the launch of night of New Dimensions, Club Ice, Westbury.



Want to spice up your event? We are also available for bookings! 
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Welcome to the TSPD Blog!

Here we plan to keep you updated with EVERYTHING TSPD; what we are doing, general chit chat, and feature some of you guys in action!

But first, it's only polite to introduce ourselves....

Amirah Omran

Amirah started pole classes over 7 years ago and has been successfully running Trowbridge School of PoleDance for almost 3 years.

GNVQ L2 & 3 Fitness Instructor and personal trainer. Massage therapist. 

Advanced pole instrcutor, Aerial Instruction. Flexibility Training, Personal Training, Fitness and conditioning sessions, diet and nutrition advice.

"Since popping along to a pole class over 7 yrs ago with my best friend, I have never looked back. Pole dance gave me the confidence to want to take it to the next level. I auditioned for a job as a podium dancer and have been performing around the country ever since! Pole taught me to love exercise and I became a fitness instructor, and personal trainer, I love helping people, loose weight, gain confidence and achieve their goals.

Teaching pole dance is so rewarding, watching my students grow in strength, confidence and fitness is the best gift."

Laura Challoner

From a young age dance was Laura's first passion. 

After completeling a GSCE in Dance she knew this was the path she wanted to follow.

Laura went onto complete her FreeStyle Dance instructors course with The International Dance Teachers Association

Laura is also a qualified Zumba instructor as well as Booiaka and Poledance.

"I'm so lucky to have a career in something I love so much, I love to perform, I also work as a freestyle podium dancer and have appeared in music videos shown on MTV. I am so excited about sharing my passion with you"

 Elly Clibbens

Elly has 6 years experience teaching circus and alternative fitness to adults and children. From being a member of Emerge Youth Circus she studied at Greentop Circus School and then completed an FdA in Contemporary Circus and Physical Performace at Circomedia in Bristol where she has lived since 2009. 

Elly performs at events and festivals around the UK and internationally, specialising in aerial and hula hoop and sometimes both together! She also works as a fire performer and when she's not burning her tongue can be found swing dancing on stilts with her fellow Charleston Girls.

You can find out more about Elly and see her in action at

Bex Smith

I started pole fitness classes in March 2012 and instantly fell in love with it. Excluding P.E at school; I had no real fitness experience prior to this. Today pole fitness has changed every aspect of my life and made me a confident healthy person, mentally and physically.

In March 2013 I went on the Spin City Beginner Instructor Training course which provided me with the foundations needed to start teaching my own classes. It now brings me great joy to watch my students improve week on week. More recently I started teaching hoop dance classes and set up my own blog - Spinning Love Story. 

I am currently in the last year of a film and media degree. I hope in the future to do a personal training qualification and to continue help women to get fit and gain confidence!

Laura Holmes

I was a gymnast for 9 years and coaching assistant for three years. I started pole to help build my confidence while struggling with severe anxiety and since starting it's helped me to get my life back on track and keeps me motivated.

Thanks to being involved in pole I've learned aerial hoop skills and got the confidence to start teaching gymnastics again.

Hayley Brewer

I started pole two years ago, wanting to loose weight and gain confidence. In the two years I have done just that, dropping a few dress sizes and had gained enough confidence to enrol in an instructors course. I have been teaching since March 2013 and you thoroughly enjoy helping others reach their personal goals.

Here at L.A Studios, I offer a specially designed class for mums with young children. You can bring your little ones along whilst learning fun new tricks at your own pace and making new friends.

Dannie Laverick

After having a baby my body confidence and self esteem plummeted to a low level , i lost all my strength and turned to pole dancing as a way to bring it back up, with the help of amazing people and an incredible instructor my life has changed x
And I would recommend it to anyone!

And Finally.... ME!

Laura Flowers

I am a multiskilled performer / freestyle dancer and specialise in fire. My skills include: Fire poi, fire fans, fire breathing, body burning, fire levi stick, angel grinding, LED Poi. I am currently teaching myself hoop and training on stilts. I have been training for just over 7 years and have performed at events all over the UK.

I'm the newest addition to the TSPD team and my role within it is mainly to promote, keep you guys up to date with what we have going on and join performances when we get booked!